Fly to Falsled Kro

Monday 8th to Tuesday 9th of July 2019
Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th of July 2019
Wednesday 10th to Thursday 11th of July 2019
Monday 15th to Tuesday den 16th of July 2019
Tuesday 16th to Wednesday 17th of July 2019
Wednesday 17th to Thursday 18th July 2019
Up on request it is also possible in week 30 and 31

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Fly to Falsled Kro with Nordic Seaplanes

Monday the 8th to Tuesday the 9th July 2019
Tuesday the 9th to Wednesday the 10th July 2019
Wednesday the 10th to Thursday the 11th July 2019
Monday the 15th to Tuesday the 16th July 2019
Tuesday the 16th to Wednesday the 17th July 2019
Wednesday the 17th to Thursday the 18th July 2019
Up on request it is also possible in week 30 and 31


”Fly to Falsled Kro”
with Nordic Seaplanes

The experience starts already when you board the seaplane.
Only 45 min. from Copenhagen to Falsled.


·        Departure Copenhagen, Nordre Toldbod 29 at 10.45, check in at 10.15
·        Arrival Falsled harbor at 11.30
·        We welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine in our small airport,
while your luggage is handled
·        A short walk up to Falsled Kro approx. 3 minutes
·        2-course lunch
·        Check in
·        Afternoon coffee and sweets
·        6-course ”Almanac” menu
·        Coffee with petits fours
·        Accommodation in a suite


·        Breakfast from 07.30 -10.00
·        Luggage is handed in to the reception and will be transported to the seaplane
·        You will have the opportunity to purchase Falsled Kro gin and champagne
in our own “Tax free airport shop”
·        A short walk up to our small airport approx. 3 minutes
·        Departure Falsled harbor at 12.00
·        Arrival Copenhagen at 12.45

DKK 6600,- per person excluding beverages
(including welcome drink at the harbor)















  • 12 persons per flight

  • Can only be reserved for an equal number of persons

  • Luggage 6 kg per person for the gentlemen and 12 kg per person for the ladies

  • Check in Copenhagen/Falsled 30 minutes prior to departure.


  • The trip is carried out by 12 participants.

  • Otherwise, the general terms and conditions of the Nordic Seaplanes apply to the flight:

  • If the flight for technical or weather reasons, should be canceled, Falsled Kro will arrange for other transportation and therefore it is not possible to cancel the reservation for this reason.



Reserve the stay directly via Falsled Kro at eller på 62 68 11 11.